Tired of Buying Socks For the Man in Your Life?

Tired of buying socks for the man in your life?  Then why not get him a present he (and you) will really love! 

Buying a boiler thermostat for your loved one this year may not be the first thing you think of but The Nest Thermostat is not like any other central heating gadget on the market.  Nest is a programmer and thermostat in one and it can actually save you money in energy costs.

As well as looking very space age, this clever little device actually knows when you are home and turns up the heat automatically and only when you need it.  So if you go out and the sensors detect an empty house it will adjust and turn down the heat to save you money.  It also learns your schedule and knows when you are due to get home and so adjusts the heat in your house to suit all your family members. 

You also get a useful monthly energy report so that you can track and manage your energy usage.  Some users have reported making a saving on of up to £1300.00 per year, not bad for a gadget that retails for just £180. 

As an approved installer in Bath, Ace Energy can supply and fit The Nest to just about any home – so if you want to give a different kind of present this year then look no further.    

 Ace Energy  01225 729005:  https://www.aceenergy.co.uk

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