For Affordable Heating Keep An Ace Up Your Sleeve

Fuel prices continue to rise year on year so now could be the time to replace that old boiler for a greener technology that can also help reduce fuel bills.

Heating and hot water consume around 70% of the energy we use in our homes so cutting this can make a real difference to your monthly outgoings.

Ace Energy, Plumbing and Heating prides itself on being at the forefront of the drive towards more sustainable heating and as an Accredited Installer for the triple-award-winning Ecodan® air source heat pump system from Mitsubishi Electric, the company is leading the way towards affordable, low carbon heating for our homes.

Ecodan uses proven heat pump technology to extract free, renewable energy from the surrounding air and reduce the amount of primary energy needed; “It is straightforward to install and may be eligible for a £900 microgeneration grant,” explains Alan Seviour, Head of Renewables at the family run business which has provided all aspects of plumbing and heating services for nearly 45 years.  

Using the new system can offer savings in running costs of over 30% and cut CO2 emissions by 50% against even the most modern gas condensing boiler. Savings over oil, older gas boilers, LPG or direct electric systems are even greater.

For further details on how Ecodan can help reduce both your fuel bills and cut your carbon footprint.  Call today for a free survey.   01225 729005.

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