Size Does Matter

If you been out in Bath City Centre lately you may of seen our new car gracing the roads.

The new Mini Cooper is our ‘run around’ vehicle which will have two main uses.  The first will be to pick up property keys from landlords and letting agents, keys will then be delivered to the plumber prior to his appointment.  This will save our plumber valuable time, enabling them to get on with the job of producing Landlord Gas Safe Certificates or completing boiler repairs, replacements and boiler services, so that they can get to emergency plumbing jobs on time.   Ultimately this means a cost efficient and timely service for Bath landlords. 

Alan Seviour MD, said, 

“We welcome our new run around car as it will help speed up the process of collecting keys, allowing a quick and efficient service to landlords and lettings agents.  As it’s a smaller vehicle it will be able to negotiate the busy Bath traffic and the driver will find it easier to park when collecting and delivering keys, Ultimately we aim to streamline the way our plumbers work so that we can offer the best customer service in Bath.

Another role our car will have will be to collect spares and equipment from plumbers and trade merchants and deliver much needed parts straight to the customer’s property. The advantage of this is that the plumber does not have to wait around at the merchants or leave the customers house, so it provides a much speedier and convenient service for all.  As one customer commented:

“It’s frustrating when a plumber arrives on time for an appointment only to leave almost straight away to pick up a part!”

The new runaround car has been so successful that we are considering a second vehicle to help with the increased workload and of course, that would mean another mini!  

Many thanks to Jess at Wellsway Mini  for all her help in securing the right vehicle for us and to Freestyle designs for signwriting.

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