Do you need a Bath Plumber or a Heating Engineer?

Customers commonly ask us what the difference is between a plumber and a heating or gas engineer, if you have every wondered which you need to solve your issue then read on……… 

Plumbers – If your toilet has broken, if you want to install a new bath, unblock a kitchen sink or just fix a leaky tap then you’ll need a plumber.  Believe it or not Plumbers in the UK do not have to have any qualifications to call themselves a plumber but here at Ace Energy all our plumbers have undergone a plumbing course at college and have reached stage 2 of NVQ or City and Guilds qualification.   Plumbers do no touch anything to do with your gas appliances, so cannot service your boiler, or install a gas fire.  Heating engineers are governed by a highly regulated industry and if they work with gas, LPG or oil must be trained, qualified and registered with the appropriate body. Many heating engineers started as a plumber and have worked their way up through the ranks. The rule of thumb here is that a registered heating engineer can do all heating AND plumbing jobs whereas a plumber can do everything but work on gas or oil appliances. 

Still unsure whether you need a plumber or a heating engineer?  Here are some of the jobs that each profession can do: 

 Plumbers can repair, replace and maintain: 

  •  Sinks, basins, baths & taps 
  • Toilets and cisterns 
  • Showers 
  • Tap replacements 
  • Outside taps and drains 
  • Showers and shower pumps 
  • Dishwasher and washing machine installations 
  • Hot water cylinders 
  • Roof tanks 
  • Tap washers and ball valves 
  • Ball valves 
  • Appliance Installations 
  • Tap washer changes 
  • Replacing ball valves 
  • Replacement showers 
  • Dripping taps 
  • Leaks and blockages 
  • Hot water tank problems 
  • Cold water storage tank 
  •  Immersion heater 

 Heating Engineers are qualified to complete the following jobs: 

  •  Mains gas, oil and LPG boiler replacements 
  • Boiler and central heating servicing & repairs 
  • Full central heating system design & installation 
  • Underfloor heating design & installation 
  • New & replacement radiators 
  • Radiator controls 
  • MagnaClean central heating protection 
  • Combimate boiler protection 
  • Powerflushing and central heating maintenance/restoration 
  • Heating system controls 
  • Gas central heating 
  • Gas fire installations 
  • Fully registered gas safe installer – all gas services 
  • Gas cooker installations 
  • Immersion heater 

Ace Energy are a member of the Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers IHPE , gas & oil heating engineers are registered with Gas Safe and OFTEC 

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