Smart Thermostats For Your Home

In an era, where everything is going digital and technology is readily available at our fingertips with the help of our smartphones, a very important part of our lives couldn’t be left behind.

With the advancement of technology, we can easily control the way the heating systems at our home will work, right to exact degree, time and location.

Smart Thermostats make our lives easier by enabling us to remotely control the central heating systems such as radiators and boilers of our house by using our handheld and day-to-day devices like smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, some of the Smart thermostats can also be configured and connected to Voice Recognition devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, to be able to provide you with an experience of luxury at your own home.

Apart from providing with additional luxury and making our lives more comfortable and convenient, these thermostats can also help in lowering our energy bills, if used in an efficient manner. With features such as remote access, one can turn on or off the central heating system and radiators even without being physically present at home. This might come handy when you might forget to turn off the heating or radiators while leaving home. Additionally, it’s smart sensor can detect if there is no one inside the house or if a part of the house is idle and can automatically turn the radiators and other heating elements off for that part, saving a lot on energy bills for the user. This feature will particularly appeal to landlords, hotel and Airbnb owners, who often see such electricity being wasted due to the carelessness of the tenant/guest.

Worried it may not be compatible with your existing central heating setup?  Smart thermostats are usually compatible with all boiler and radiator types, be it new or old and are also expected to be compatible with upcoming newer and updated boiler or radiator models.

The Hive features include controlling the heating from outside the house, Multizone – allowing controlling parts of the house, timeslots to schedule the heating and hot water and app control to make it smartphone compatible and easy to use.

Nest by Google, is also compatible with other heating elements such as domestic hot water tanks and underfloor heating systems. Along with this, it is equipped with Geolocation, Multizone (upto 20 thermostats and 3 homes),Sensors to detect if anyone is at home with temperature sensing, smart scheduling and nest leaf feature to help plan the most energy and cost saving temperatures based on the users habits and App controls on smartphone and tablets.

Honeywell’s product named EvoHome provides similar features as it’s competitors such as compatibility, multiple zoning and routine settings for each part of the day. The main selling points include remote access from outside home and ERP which they claim is the highest rating for thermostat control. .

For more information on the smart thermostat for your home call Ace Energy now on 01225 729005. 

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