It’s National Gas Safety Week

Nationa Gas Safety Week (NGSW) is nearly opon us.
This national event aims to raise awareness and safety across the country.  This year NGSW aims to raise awareness of gas safe in rented properties.  Landlords have a legal responsibility to have a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate for every property they let and this needs to be renewed annually and on time. It’s estimated that a 5th of rented properties do not have a Landlord Gas Safety certificate in place, usually because renewals are delayed, leaving a gap where the property is not properly covered.

In Bath, we rarely see this problem but it does come to light every so often.  Recently we attended a property in Newbridge to discover that the Safety certificate was two years out of date and worse still the boiler was in a bad state of repair and had to be switched off immediately.  Thankfully this does not happen often but when it does Ace Energy act immediately to ensure the safety of the user. 

If you register as a Landlord with Ace Energy we will contact you when your certificate is about to expire, that way you will never fall foul of the law and you can be sure your properties are properly covered. 

For more information on National Gas Safety Week

To book a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate call our office on 01225 729005

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