Do you want to reduce your Gas Bill?

Save up to 30% on your gas bills with a new boiler

Now gas prices are set to rise dramatically there’s never been a more important time to find ways to reduce our gas heating use. Experts in the gas plumbing and heating industry have shown that along with insulation the biggest contribution to saving on heating bills is replacing an old inefficient boiler with a high efficiency gas boiler. If your boiler is non-condensing or running towards the end of its useful life you could be wasting up to 30% of gas when compared to a new condensing gas boiler. A saving of this size makes good sense for the household budget as reducing your heating bills can easily offset the cost of a new boiler. At Ace Energy we offer 0% finance – spread over two years – against new gas boiler installations along with up to a 12-year manufacturer’s guarantee on the Worcester Bosch gas heating boiler. The boilers we fit win Best Buy awards at the consumer reviewer Which? so, you can be sure of a first-rate choice when considering the best boiler to install in your home with Ace Energy.

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