Landlords – new laws mean you could face heavy fines for low a EPC rating.

Since 2020 new laws have meant that where a property is rented out with an energy efficiency rating (EPC) of F or G it could lead to the landlord getting a fine of up to £5000!

And from 2022 this rating is being raised to level C or D so it will make good sense to consider how you can raise the energy efficiency of your rented properties. Most buildings these days have wall and roof insulation along with double glazing but this may not be enough to bring the property in line with the new C and D standards. By far the biggest way to increase energy-efficiency is by fitting an A-rated gas condensing boiler for heating and hot water, along with installing electrical programmers and thermostats to the boiler for optimum gas efficiency.

But what if there’s no gas at the rented property? The latest generation of electrical night storage heating systems are an excellent way to reduce electricity consumption and raise your EPC rating. Electrical night storage heaters run on low-cost electricity at night keeping your tenants warm during the day and reducing their energy bills – making your rental more desirable. Once in place they are very low maintenance and will go on for many years without the need for the servicing you would need with a gas boiler. Installing low-energy LED lights are another good way of keeping energy consumption down and the EPC rating up and you should consider getting A-rated electrical appliances – like fridges and washing machines – when they next need replacing.

If you need more information on how to make your rental property more energy efficient using plumbing, heating or electrical measures Ace Energy are happy to help.

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