Why It’s Important to get your Boiler Serviced

It is recommended you service your boiler annually. A registered Gas Safe Engineer will come to
your home and run checks for any potential issues. They will clean the boiler’s filters
if applicable, check for leaks, and run combustion checks to make sure they comply
with the manufacturer’s instructions. A service takes around one hour, and the
process is quick and easy. The Engineer will talk you through the service and can
answer any questions you may have. It saves money long-term, and enables your
boiler to remain in optimum condition.

Reasons to Service Your Boiler

  1. Gas Safe Engineers can find leaks or faults before they escalate
  2. It is cost-effective compared to replacing your entire boiler
  3. You remain under warranty with your manufacturer
  4. You keep yourself and your family safe

    Servicing Saves You Money

    Over the years, an unserviced boiler will become less efficient and increase your gas
    consumption and your monthly bills. The cost of a service far outweighs the cost of an
    ineffective boiler. Unexpected repairs can be expensive, and if left to culminate, these
    can worsen over time and lead to an even bigger cost. Not only will this impact you
    personally, it could impact your family. Should the Gas Safe Engineer find a fault with
    your boiler during a service, they usually come equipped with a wide range of spare
    parts that means they could potentially resolve your boiler’s issue on the spot. If they
    don’t have the necessary part, they can order the correct equipment to return at a
    later date to fix it.

    Faulty Boilers

    An unserviced boiler can potentially be dangerous to you and your family. Carbon
    Monoxide poisoning can be fatal. You cannot see, smell, or taste this toxic gas. By
    servicing your boiler, a Gas Safe Engineer can certify your boiler is safe and not a risk
    to your household. If left without a service, there might be unknown issues that could
    be detrimental to your health, and also lead to a complete boiler replacement.

    When You Should Service Your Boiler

    The ideal time to book your service is during the summer. When it comes to winter,
    you’ll feel at ease that your boiler has been serviced and is running efficiently. During
    the winter, your boiler runs at maximum capacity, so you want to have peace of mind
    that when your boiler comes on during those cold winter months and it is running
    correctly. Your house will remain warm, and you won’t have to struggle to get an
    appointment for a service during the busier months.

    Your Boiler

    Here at Ace Energy Bath, we can service your boiler annually and set up a reminder for you, up so that you receive an email shortly before the service due date inviting you to make an appointment. We’ll email you the Service Record for you to keep too, this builds a picture of your boiler’s service history, important when you sell your house.

    Whether your boiler is brand new or 20+ years old, a service will prolong the life of
    your boiler. A boiler system is one of the most important parts of any home. Do you
    really want to be without it?

    Book your service today by calling Ace Energy in Bath on 01225 729005 or emailing

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