Why buy a new boiler?

 This cold snap has got a few of us thinking about our central heating. Are you waking up in the morning to a cold house? Does the cost of heating concern you to the point you worry about how long the heating has been on for? Can you hear your old boiler rattling and grunting under the strain, ready to break down and leave you out in the cold with a massive bill? Perhaps that has already happened and you need to sort out something new and cost effective right now? Or maybe you are worried that your old boiler is bad for the environment, or even dangerous?

As boilers age they become less efficient, costing you more to run. They burn more fuel to maintain the same temperatures, parts come to the end of their natural lives and break. What is more these repairs become increasingly expensive and eventually unfeasible, as manufacturers stop supporting older models.

The wheels of progress are constantly turning, and in years since your current boiler was installed it’s likely things have moved on a great deal.

New boilers are compact, often they will fit in a standard kitchen cabinet. and if you are moving from a storage system to a combi boiler (which is undoubtedly the way to go for any but the largest of houses)  you will also find that you don’t need the immersion tank or header tanks in the loft. This is ideal if you want to use the space up there or are planning a loft conversion.

You will also find that functionality has much improved. Response times are quicker, hot water will be present on demand and room heating and hot water are delivered more quickly and efficiently.

Thermostatic controls have also moved on leaps and bounds,  remote controlled, programmable thermostats with holiday and anti frost programs are now the norm, along with the possibility of controlling your heating remotely from your mobile phone. So, if you live a life where your comings and goings are not so regular and days are varied, then you can adjust things whilst on the move. No more coming home to a cold house, and no more wasting money heating an empty one.

Backing all this up with a long guarantees, much reduced maintenance costs, lower carbon emissions, and future readiness gives you a raft of powerful reasons to replace your boiler, and now is a good time to take advantage of some of the deals available at the moment.

The Worcester 28Cdi compact combi boiler fits easily within a standard kitchen cabinet, boasts a 94% efficiency rate (old oil boilers can be as low as 60%) an Erp A rating for heat and hot water, and is suitable for houses with up to 15 radiators and a single bathroom.

Installs are quick and cause little disruption if replacing existing units. Ace Energy’s install teams have Covid protocols firmly in place for your safety, and can get the job done with no mess and little disruption.

Interest free credit is available if you need to spread the cost or find yourself facing an immediate need, so there really is little impediment to instant gratification, boiler-wise.

 Why not giveAce Energy a call to discuss your requirements? Quotes can be turned around in 24hrs, without necessitating a visit, and if you are in the midst of a crisis, then emergency installs can be done the next day.

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