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The increasing use of air conditioning in UK homes is influenced by several factors, including changing climate patterns, higher temperatures, and a desire for increased comfort. Here are some key aspects contributing to the growing use of air conditioning:

  1. Rising Temperatures: The UK has experienced warmer temperatures in recent years, including heatwaves. As global temperatures rise due to climate change, there is a growing demand for cooling solutions to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.
  2. Changing Climate Perceptions: Traditionally, the UK has not been known for extremely hot weather. However, perceptions of what is considered hot or uncomfortable have shifted, leading to an increased desire for cooling solutions like air conditioning.
  3. Improved Affordability: The cost of air conditioning units has decreased over time, making them more accessible to a larger portion of the population. This affordability factor has contributed to the widespread adoption of air conditioning in homes.
  4. Home Design Trends: Modern home designs often incorporate features that may contribute to increased indoor temperatures, such as large windows or limited ventilation. In such cases, residents may turn to air conditioning to maintain a comfortable living environment.
  5. Remote Work and Lifestyle Changes: The rise of remote work and changes in lifestyle patterns mean people spend more time at home. This has likely increased the demand for climate control solutions, with individuals seeking a comfortable living and working environment.

While the use of air conditioning can provide immediate relief from hot weather, Fit to one room or more, often our customer’s fit into their bedroom only, to get some relief from the heat at night and to aid sleep.

The air conditioning unit is easy to install, quiet when in operation and has a purifying filter that eliminates up to 95% of dust particles, smoke odour and pollen, providing you with cleaner air.

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