Have you Booked Your Winter Boiler Service?

We are still taking bookings for pre-winter boiler services.  There are a number of good reasons to have your boiler serviced annually:

  • Most important – is the boiler safe?  Having your flue operation checked is essential to prevent dangerous gasses leaking into your home.
  • Is the boiler working as efficiently as possible?  A well tuned boiler will save you lots of money by keeping your gas bills low, especially the newer condensing boilers. 
  • Are there any faults showing up? If there are then this is a good time to get it fixed as a broken down boiler in a cold spell is no joke. 
  • Is the boiler under warranty? If so, most manufacturers will insist on annual servicing to keep the guarantee valid.  
  • Save your service paperwork – just like a car when you go to sell your house, show the service paperwork to prospective buyers

Book your pre-winter boiler service in today with Ace on 01225 729005.  

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