Gas Top Tips To Keep you Safe!

Following on from last week’s Gas Safety Week, here at Ace Energy we have compiled a list of top tips to keep you safe in your home.

As most houses in the UK have some sort of gas appliance it’s important to look after them and know how to spot the warning signs.

Tip Number 1:  Have all your gas appliances, including boilers, gas cookers and gas fires, safety checked annually.   Use a local, reputable Gas Safe Engineer, check their Gas Safe ID card – all engineers carry one (it’s the law) and don’t be afraid to ask to see it.  Boiler services start from just £65.00 plus VAT.    

Tip Number 2:  Recognise the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathlessness.  If you do experience any of the symptoms then leave the house immediately and call 999.  Better still buy a carbon monoxide tester, you can get these from most DIY shops or ask your plumber to fit one when he next completes a boiler service.

Tip Number 3:  Know your gas appliances.  Recognise when things don’t look quite right, for example lazy yellow flames instead of crisp blue ones, black marks or stains on or around the appliance and too much condensation in the room. BUT Remember that an unsafe appliance sometimes has none of these signs at all.

Tip Number 4:  Only use gas appliances for their intended purpose For example, don’t use a gas oven to heat a room or use a gas barbeque inside the house.  Always ensure there is enough ventilation for your gas appliances to allow them to burn correctly and make sure you are not blocking any air vents that provide an air supply to the gas appliance.

Tip Number 5:  Pass these tips onto the younger generation.  People who fall into the age bracket of 18 to 35 are least likely to get their gas applicances checked annually.  Help keep them safe by educating the younger generation and pass on these tops tips!

For more information on this or if you are concerned about any of the gas appliances in your home, please call Ace Energy in Bath on 01225 729005.

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