Gas Explosion in Sunderland

Dreadful scenes coming out of the North East today after a gas explosion has reduced a semi-detached house to rubble.  Neighbouring houses were aslo destroyed along with several cars parked in the street, after a neighbours descrived a bomb like sound, heard early on Friday morning (11th August)

It’s difficult to image to anyone could have survived this but the tenant was saved as a fridge fell on top of her, sheilding her from further injury.  She is in hosipital in a stable but serious condition.

It’s early stages and too early to speculate why it was such a large gas explosion in a domestic property. 

Thankfully stories like these are few and far between.  In the UK, just  60% of properties have regualar boiler servicing.  Boiler services can highlight potential dangers with the boiler and the Gas Safe Registered engineer can switch off the appliance if it doesn’t meet current regulations.  We would like to see boiler services becoming mandatory in homes across the UK.

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