Electricity Prices Through The Ceiling!

With electricity prices going through the ceiling it’s time to get smart around your household!

You might not think about getting a Bath electrician to call on you very often. Let’s face it – most things electrical in your home tend to look after themselves, however with more people fitting smart meters most will soon be wondering how to reduce costs on electrical hungry items around the household. This is where Ace Energy Electrical of Bath can help you out.

We have seen a big increase in requests for energy-saving items for our customers in and around the City of Bath like lighting sensors and ultra-low energy mains electric lights. We are also installing smart heating controls such as Hive and Nest which can sense your optimum heating usage via low-energy electrical connections to your gas or electric boiler. We also fit how water cylinder controls for savings on domestic water heating and all of these electrical installations can contribute greatly to reducing your energy bills. The great thing about a smart meter is you can see just how much electrical energy is being consumed when you switch on each appliance or electrical gadget and you can then decide which items to swap for energy saving alternatives.

For a reliable electrician in Bath call on 01225729005 or find us at aceenergy.co.uk/electrical for more information and ways to contact us!

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