Buy One Get One Tree

Environmental issues have become a big part of our lives in recent times, and for good reason. Everyone is conscious about the carbon footprint they are leaving on our planet. We are thinking more and more about the ways we can cut the impact our modern lives are having and what can be done to offset our lifestyle for the good of the planet.

Here at Ace Energy, we believe all the challenges regarding the environment are important and worth doing something about. So whilst it’s not practical to simply throw away our current heating systems there are ways in which we can offset the carbon emmissions that a new gas boiler creates.    

We all need to do our bit, to pitch in and help the cause so we’ve introduced a new scheme Buy one, get one tree. 

Ace Energy are now working in partnership with Carbon Footprint UK. These clever guys work hard to plant trees in the UK, schools and community groups who all benefit from their dedicated work.  Knowing we’ll be planting a tree for every boiler we sell gives us a great feeling too.

“We’re working in partnership with carbon footprint UK, to plant a tree for every boiler sold!”

Throughout 2020 we are committed to planting one tree for every new gas boiler we sell. We want to take action rather than just talk about it. In doing so, we’re helping to offset the carbon footprint of a new boiler installation for all of our customers, so we can give you a feel-good factor to be proud of.  But more importantly, it means we can all benefit from an environment that’s cleaner and better for us all.

“Planting a tree for every boiler we sell gives us a great feel-good factor”

Once your boiler has been installed we will send you a certificate of ownership that you can show all your family and friends – demonstrating just how much you care too.  Along with your certificate, you’ll receive some additional information about YOUR very own tree, and how much you’ve helped the environment. 

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