8.30am A customer in Odd Down has requested a visit from Ace Energy as some of their radiators are struggling to heat up. On arrival, I receive information from the customer about the troublesome radiators and their history. I proceed to check the radiator valves by making sure the lockshield and Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) are open on both sides of the radiator. I ensure the pins on the TRV have not seized. After ruling this out, I turn the heating on and do an overall check of the heating system. The last thing I do is take a sample of the water in the system. Based on my findings, I recommend a full chemical powerflush. I write up the quote while I am there. I send the quote to the office, who will email the customer the final quote within 2 hours.

9.45am My next job is to fix a leaking WC and replace a kitchen tap for a customer on Larkhall. Upon arrival, I identify the WC’s leak is caused by a faulty cold water inlet valve in the cistern. I explain this to the customer and, as I have the part on my van I am able to do this job straight away. The customer has supplied their own kitchen tap for me to fit, so I remove the original tap and fit their new tap by connecting the tap’s tails onto the hot and cold supplies under the kitchen sink. I was given a two-hour slot to complete this job, but as the parts are readily available, it only takes just over an hour. The customer is happy with the job and the time it has taken, she offers to write a Google review.

11.00am I arrive to do an annual boiler service for a repeat customer in Batheaston. Due to our reliability and locality, the customer has been using Ace Energy for years. I set to work by completing a routine boiler service on their Worcester CDI Combi Boiler. This involves a visual check inside the boiler; pumping up the expansion vessel; cleaning the condense trap; combustion and gas valve checks; and a tightness test on the gas meter. As all checks are to regulation, I input this into the company app and this certifies the boiler as safe. The customer receives this confirmation, certificate and invoice in an email. The customer also asks me to look at her timer, it’s been flashing so I help her reset this and recommend she update the controls for some energy efficient Smart controls such as NEST, one which she can operate from her phone.

12.15pm Before my next job, I take my lunch break as the job is quoted for 13.30pm, I look over my jobs for the rest of the week and note that we have a lot of boiler breakdowns, boiler installations, and boiler services booked in.

13.30pm I meet a colleague, one of Ace Energy’s electricians at a property in Lansdown. I will be doing a boiler installation here next week. I need a fuse spur fitted, so I show him where the boiler will be going. Customers in Bath are still surprised that Ace Energy now do electrical work as well as plumbing and heating. I explain that our electricians are very popular and specialise in works such as fuseboard changes, light fittings and Electrical Test and Inspect Certificates, I’m not there long and leave when the electrician is happy with what he needs to do.

2.45pm My next job is to install a HIVE thermostat at a house in Widcombe that I quoted a few days prior. As I already have the part needed, I arrive at the property and set to work removing the old thermostat. Before fitting the new thermostat, I double check with the customer where he would like it fitted (as this can be on the wall or on a stand). He advises he would like it on the wall, so I do this. Once fitted, I configure the thermostat to the customer’s preference. I go through the instructions with him so he understands how to use it by demonstrating first-hand how to select the menu options and set programs.

4.00pm My last job of the day is a boiler breakdown. The customer requested this service because their hot water is fluctuating from hot and cold. I arrive and discuss what the problem is, and then take a look at the boiler. I start by removing the case of the boiler and turn on the kitchen tap. I use my temperature clamps to clamp either side of the plate heat exchanger in the boiler while the hot water is still running. I see the difference in temperature and the readings show that a new plate heat exchanger is required. I take a photo of the boiler data badge for all the information we need to source the new part. I explain this to the customer and reassure them that the job will be completed quickly. He is understandably concerned that he may be without hot water for a little while. I send all the information to the office immediately so a quote can be provided to the customer.

5.00pm At the end of the day, I give my van a quick clean and check the stock levels – it’s almost boiler breakdown season so I need to make sure I have enough parts on my van to keep up with the demand. I note a few parts I need and call them through to the supplier. Done for the day, it’s time to go home.

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