Is a Blocked Sink or Bath Draining Your Energy?

Watching dirty water collecting in any sanitary ware is not a pretty sight. Most blockages can be fixed using a few easy plumbing tips as described below but the more stubborn problems will require calling in the experts.

At Ace Energy Drainge, we get numerous calls for blocked sinks and baths or showers – and many of these can be solved by the use of a simple sink plunger – including a blocked toilet pan!

You’ll also see people online recommending household products such as baking powder and vinegar as a gentler alternative to the harsh chemicals available in stores for unblocking drains – and for the smaller blockages these can be effective. If you’re feeling courageous you might even attempt carefully dismantling the sink trap on the plumbing under your bath or sink. When these tips just don’t do the trick you’ll need to call in a drainage specialist like Ace Energy Drainage. We carry all the specialist equipment needed to solve drainage problems.These include drainage cameras and drain power-jetting equipment which will get to the bottom of serious sewer problems and remove offending blockages in your pipes.

Prevention is always better than cure and for this we offer drainage surveying services which are useful when considering buying or selling a property.
At Ace Energy we can provide a full solution to all your blocked drains in Bath

For blocked drains in Bath, give us a call on 01225 729005 or visit our web site on to find out how we can help.

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