We can help quickly and easily with all your drainage needs, from a blocked outside drain to a pipe repair, blocked sink or WC, we can assist with CCTV camera survey to ensure pipes are clear or in need of repair and if you are this process of purchasing a house, we offer a Property Inspection Report.

As a company, we take pride in assisting our customers with all their drainage requirements. We will initially provide you with advice to ensure we can provide you with a service that you will be completely satisfied with. If you would like more information on the drainage services and solutions we provide, then please feel free to get in touch today. We can arrange for a site visit at your convenience in order to provide a detailed quotation of all required work and costs involved. Using the techniques and excellent customer service, that you have come to expect from Ace Energy, the award winning Bath company.

Blocked sinks, showers and toilets

Have you experienced a bad smell in your home, is the water slow to drain in your sink or shower? Does the toilet regular fail to flush correctly?

Don’t worry we can get you draining normally again, quickly and with little fuss.
A blocked drain can cause symptoms varying from slow draining toilets, sinks, baths and dishwashers to bad odours and in a worst-case scenario, contaminated water or sewerage coming up through the drains externally or even inside the house.
Blockages can occur by chance or due to problems in the pipework or underground drainage system.

Some of the most common cause of blockages are:

• Flushing wet wipes and sanitary products
• A build of fat and grease
• Foreign objects in the pipe
• Damaged or faulty pipework

We have the experience and equipment to get your drains flowing again. We use high-pressure water jetting, rodding, as well as other techniques to clear through any blockage, no matter how stubborn. Once cleared we will clean down and sanitise the area, leaving order restored and your property clean and safe.

External Blocked drains

Is your garden flooded with sewage, does the manhole cover show signs of leaking? A blocked drain can be a real issue but it can be easily sorted before the problem becomes much worse, whether it’s a blockage or obstruction or the pipe needs repairs – Ace Energy Drainage can help!

Our most successful methods of clearing blocked drains include:

• Drain rodding
• Wet vac
• Drain jetting

We look after blocked drains in Bath & Wiltshire.

Pipe repairs – No dig

For partially collapsed, worn out or damaged drains and sewer pipes, our no dig solution is the most efficient and least intrusive method. Pipe sleeving involves putting a hard setting resin sleeve within the pipe to repair it from the inside out. It is like replacing the pipe, but without all the fuss of excavation. No need for heavy machinery in your garden , this no dig approach is a quicker, greener and cleaner solution than traditional dig and replace methods.

Cameral Survey Inspection Reports

In can be hard to pinpoint a problem in your drainage syste, but if you suspect that something isn’t right with your drains or you are in the process of buying a house and want piece of mind then a drain survey is invaluable. Surveys are performed by members of our expert drain team and carried out using a precise drain inspection camera, small enough to enter the pipework and high powered to bring back images to diagnose the issue. We will present you with a full drainage report completed with images and a set of recommendations.
Drain issues can cause significant damage if they’re not dealt with promptly, but our CCTV drain surveys can identify the issue in no time. Our cameras are ideally suited for pipes both above and below ground, offering you quick results with minimal disruption

Rodent Control

It’s a fact that our waste pipes can sometimes be home to some unwanted visitors. But we don’t have to live with them, there are some things we can do to minimise and prevent rats from entering our property through underground pipework.

The most important step when ridding rats from your drains, is to understand how and where the rats are coming from. This can be as simple as looking for misshapen, cracked, twisted, or bent pipes; gaps in your brickwork near gutters and drains. . The first thing you should do is to consult a Pest Control expert, they are the experts on rat behaviour, they will look for all the usual routes. We can help too, by completing a camera survey of your drains that will allow you and Pest Control to understand everything that is going on underneath your home. Finally a rat drain guard known as a rodent gate can be fitted to the drain to prevent the unwanted guests from entering the pipework. We carry Rodent guards on our vans and would be happy to demonstrate and talk through how this can work for you.

Make an Enquiry!

Make an Enquiry!

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What our customers say…

Ace Energy have just attended my home in Bath as I had a rather nasty drain blockage which flooded my garden, Ace Energy immediately arrived and before the waste could reach my garage they had unbloced the offending drain, and using some high pressure jetting equipment cleared up the mess in my garden Their quick response iterally saved the day!

Ms Beau, Larkhall, Bath.

Some issues with bad smells coming from the kitchen sink and shower was immediately sorted when Jay of Ace Energy arrived. He used a small handheld machine to quickly move the blockage and even reconfigured some of the pipework under the sink to stop it happening again. I will certainly use again”

Mr Cowell, Bathford.

” I recently contacted Ace Energy Drainage before I purchased my first home in Bath. I’m so glad I did as they produced a rather meaty report which I presented to the vendor and was able to use this to negotiate a reduction in the price

Mr Fletcher, Oldfield Park, Bath

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